Is Rema Dead or Alive? Latest Updates on the Nigerian Singer’s Status


Nigerian music star, Rema, has been the subject of rumors regarding his death. These rumors have been circulating on social media platforms and have caused concern among his fans. However, it is important to note that these rumors are false, and Rema is alive and well.

Rema, whose real name is Divine Ikubor, is a rising star in the Nigerian music industry. He gained popularity in 2019 with his hit song “Iron Man” and has since released several other successful tracks. Despite his young age, Rema has already achieved a great deal of success and has garnered a large following both in Nigeria and internationally.

While rumors of his death may have caused concern among his fans, it is important to rely on accurate and verified sources of information. As of the current date, there is no evidence to suggest that Rema has passed away. Fans can continue to enjoy his music and follow his career with confidence that he is alive and well. Is Rema Dating Selena Gomez?


Verification of Rema’s Status

As of the current date, Rema is alive and well. Rumors of his death began circulating on social media in February 2020, but these rumors were quickly debunked by multiple sources.

One of the sources that helped to verify Rema’s status was the Nigerian music star himself. In a post on his Instagram account, Rema made it clear that he was still alive and urged his fans to ignore the false rumors.

In addition to Rema’s own statement, several media outlets also confirmed that the rumors of his death were false. For example, a report by The Guardian Nigeria noted that the rumors had originated on Wikipedia, but that they had been quickly corrected by editors on the site.

Despite these efforts to correct the record, some false information about Rema’s status may still be circulating online. It is important for fans and followers of the musician to be cautious about believing any rumors or unverified information they may come across.

To stay up-to-date on Rema’s status and other news related to the musician, fans can follow his official social media accounts or check reputable news sources for the latest updates.


Public Statements and Reports

Official Announcements

As of the current date, there have been no official announcements regarding the death of Nigerian music star Rema. The artist has not made any public statements about the rumors circulating on social media.

Media Coverage

Several media outlets have reported on the rumors of Rema’s death, with many of them debunking the claims as false. Some news websites have published articles stating that the artist is alive and well, while others have cautioned against spreading unverified information.

Social Media Activity

On social media, many fans of Rema have expressed concern and confusion over the rumors of his death. Some have shared screenshots of a Wikipedia page claiming that the artist died on February 1, 2020, while others have shared posts from Rema’s official social media accounts that suggest he is still alive.

In summary, while there have been rumors circulating on social media about Rema’s death, there have been no official announcements or credible reports confirming that the artist has passed away. It is important to exercise caution when sharing unverified information on social media and to wait for official statements before jumping to conclusions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest news on Rema’s health status?

As of the current date, there is no news that suggests Rema is experiencing any health issues. However, it is important to note that the musician has been in the news in the past due to an on-stage incident.

Has there been any official statement regarding Rema’s well-being?

There has been no official statement regarding Rema’s well-being from the musician or his record label, Mavin Records. However, the manager of Mavin Records musician, Sean, confirmed that Rema was “hale and healthy” in response to questions via WhatsApp chat with Vanguard.

What are the recent developments concerning Rema’s incident on stage?

Rema was involved in an on-stage incident in 2019 where he fell off the stage during a performance in Côte d’Ivoire. However, there have been no recent developments regarding this incident.

Who provided updates about Rema after the on-stage event?

There were no official updates provided about Rema after the on-stage event. However, fans and followers of the musician took to social media to express their concern and well-wishes.

Which languages are predominantly used in Rema’s music?

Rema predominantly sings in English and Pidgin, which is a creole language widely spoken in Nigeria.

Can you provide a brief overview of Rema’s musical career?

Rema, whose real name is Divine Ikubor, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and rapper. He rose to fame in 2019 after the release of his hit song “Iron Man,” which appeared on former US President Barack Obama’s 2019 playlist. He is currently signed with Marvin Records by Don Jazzy. Rema’s music is a fusion of Afrobeats, trap, and pop.

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