Nigerian govt allays concerns over Nigeria’s use of radiation equipment

The Nigerian government has reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring the safe and secure use of radiation equipment, as experts express worries over its widespread deployment across Africa.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Amb Nicholas Ella, emphasised Nigeria’s commitment to increasing radiation safety and security during a meeting of African member states in Abuja.

He emphasised the critical role of the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) in protecting people and the environment, citing regular seminars and training sessions held by the NNRA to promote awareness about radiation risks.

Recognising the challenges encountered by nuclear regulators worldwide, Amb Ella invited attendees to serve as ambassadors for their own countries in promoting radiation safety.

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Amb Nicholas Ella speaking at the event.

Meanwhile, experts have voiced worries about the utilization of radiation equipment in many African nations.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expressed concerns about the lack of adequate safety infrastructure in the use of radiation across Africa.

Felix Wanjala, a programme management officer at the IAEA, emphasized the importance of using equipment like LINACs, used for cancer treatment in hospitals, in a safe and secure manner to prevent potential dangers.

The ongoing meeting in Abuja, attended by participants and experts from various African countries, aims to enhance radiation safety infrastructure on the continent. Hosted by the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) with technical support from the IAEA, the event provides a platform for sharing experiences and best practices to improve radiation safety.

Adamu Hussaini, a director at NNRA, outlined the objectives of the gathering, emphasizing the importance of discussing and reviewing progress made under previous safety projects and sharing experiences to enhance radiation safety infrastructure.

Wanjala reiterated the IAEA’s commitment to promoting the safe and peaceful use of nuclear technologies through capacity-building initiatives. He highlighted the agency’s support in training personnel and assisting member states in developing safety regulations and laws.

In conclusion, the event, inaugurated by Nigeria’s Minister of State for Health and Social Welfare, Tunji Alausa, underscores the collaborative efforts of African nations and international organizations in ensuring radiation safety and security across the continent.



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