Nigerian gov bans okada, scrap metal scavenging in state

In a decisive move to enhance security and public safety, the Delta State Government has announced a ban on the use of commercial motorcycles, known locally as “Okada,” and scrap metal scavenging, referred to as “iron condemn,” within Asaba, the state capital territory.

Dr. Kingsley Emu, Secretary to the State Government, disclosed these measures during a press briefing following the State Executive Council meeting chaired by Governor Sheriff Oborevwori. The bans take effect immediately, with strict enforcement starting on June 1, 2024.

The decision to ban Okada aims to address the rising incidents of crime and frequent vandalism of public facilities associated with commercial motorcycle operations. The prohibition applies to all streets within the state capital territory. Violators will face severe penalties, including the confiscation and destruction of motorcycles, fines, and potential jail terms.

Similarly, the ban on scrap metal scavenging is intended to curb the vandalism of public infrastructure and private property. This prohibition will be enforced in collaboration with local authorities and security agencies from June 1, 2024.

Dr. Emu emphasized that these measures are designed to protect the lives and property of all citizens and are not targeted at any particular group. The government plans to conduct extensive sensitization campaigns to ensure compliance among residents.

In conclusion, the Delta State Government highlights the importance of these regulations in maintaining peace, security, and public order in Asaba. Effective communication and collaboration with relevant stakeholders will be crucial for the successful implementation of these measures.

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