Nigerian striker Olanrewaju Kayode, estranged wife Ezinne in legal battle over paternity claims

The marital discord between Nigerian footballer Olanrewaju Kayode and his estranged wife, Ezinne Kayode, has intensified, leading to a legal confrontation.

Ezinne has initiated legal action against Kayode, accusing him of falsely claiming that DNA results show their three sons—Jason, Jayden, and Jamin—are not his biological children, as reported by SUNDAY PUNCH.

The controversy erupted when Ezinne discovered that Kayode’s paternity allegations had gone viral on social media. Outraged by these claims, she demanded a public retraction, supported by a letter from her legal team dated May 24, 2024. The letter, addressed to Kayode’s residence in Lekki, Lagos, is titled, “Re: Dissemination of false allegations concerning purported DNA test results of the three children of marriage.”

Ezinne’s letter accuses Kayode of orchestrating a defamatory campaign. “Our client has become aware that since May 24, 2024, several blogs and online platforms have circulated salacious stories alleging DNA results that none of the three children born during your marriage to our client are yours. This scandalous and defamatory story has spread rapidly, causing severe embarrassment to our client and her children. Our client believes these baseless allegations were deliberately planted by you with the malicious intent of damaging her reputation and causing harm to innocent children,” the letter states.

Kayode allegedly made the accusations public, claiming that Ezinne had been unfaithful with a pastor, stolen his two Mercedes SUVs to support the pastor, and abducted their sons. Ezinne vehemently denied these allegations in an Instagram post, challenging Kayode to publish the supposed DNA results and disclose the hospital where the tests were conducted.

Ezinne wrote, “I am exhausted by this man’s nonsense. It has to stop. I knew he was unstable when he threatened me with a knife months ago, but to attack innocent children is too much. Kayode, I didn’t think you would stoop this low. I have ignored all your baseless, childish, and false rumors, but involving innocent children is unacceptable. I have never sold any property or cars to support any pastor, bishop, or imam. All these rumours are false.”

Reflecting on her troubled marriage, Ezinne added, “The past few years in this marriage have been a living hell. I am drained and in pain, and I pray this ordeal ends soon. I wouldn’t wish this kind of abuse on any woman. If you’re in a similar situation, leave; you are not trapped. I pray God sends help your way as He has for me.”

Ezinne concluded her posts by urging Kayode to reveal the DNA results and the hospital where they were conducted, stating she and her children were willing to undergo DNA testing. She also accused Kayode of traumatizing their children by having them detained by the DSS.

Ezinne’s Instagram profile describes her as a strong, unstoppable, and elegant lawyer, and she made it clear that her silence would not continue if her children were dragged into what she called a web of lies.

This legal and personal battle has drawn significant public attention, with many awaiting further developments and hoping for a resolution that prioritizes the well-being of the children involved.

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