NASS proposes legislation on mandatory payment of new minimum wage

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Publicity, Senator Yemi Adaramodu (APC, Ekiti South), has revealed that the National Assembly is working on legislation aimed at ensuring all 36 states adhere strictly to the upcoming minimum wage law.

In an interview in Abuja on Friday, Senator Adaramodu emphasized the necessity of this legislation in light of ongoing negotiations between the federal government and organized labor regarding the new minimum wage.

While the federal government has proposed N62,000 as the new minimum wage, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) are advocating for N250,000.

The Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF) has expressed concerns over the feasibility of the proposed federal figure, citing potential financial strain on some states.

Senator Adaramodu outlined that the proposed legislation aims to enforce compliance across states and sectors, including penalties for non-compliance. He emphasized the National Assembly’s commitment to swiftly passing the bill once it is presented by the executive, contingent upon consensus between the federal government and labor unions.

He noted, “Once there is agreement, the bill will come and we are poised to pass it promptly for the benefit of Nigerian workers.”

The Senator assured that the legislative process would involve inputs from various stakeholders, including organised labour , to ensure a comprehensive and effective framework for implementing the new minimum wage.



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