Orji Kalu visits Gov Otti, pushes for N90,000 minimum wage for Nigerian workers

Senator Orji Kalu has reiterated his call for a minimum wage of N90,000 during a visit to Governor Alex Otti in Abia State at the weekend.

The visit comes amidst ongoing negotiations between labour unions and the Federal Government over a revised minimum wage.

In a closed-door meeting at Otti’s residence, Senator Kalu emphasized the necessity of a substantial increase in the minimum wage, stating, “The current proposal of N62,000 by the Federal Government may seem adequate, but I firmly believe N90,000 would better address the needs of our workers, especially considering the stagnant wage for the past five years and rising inflation.”

Senator Kalu, a former governor of Abia State, further explained his stance, asserting, “I advocate for N90,000 because it reflects practical needs. Civil servants deserve fair treatment and adequate compensation.”

The debate over the minimum wage has been contentious, with labour unions initially proposing N250,000. President Bola Tinubu, however, received the recommendation of the tripartite committee and emphasized the government’s commitment to paying an amount sustainable for the country.

Beyond the minimum wage issue, Senator Kalu also assessed President Tinubu’s performance one year into office, commending economic policies while urging improvements in addressing food security and hunger.

Governor Otti, welcoming Senator Kalu irrespective of political affiliations, affirmed his commitment to serving all Abians fairly. “As governor, I represent all residents of Abia State, regardless of their political leanings,” Otti stated.

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